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Welcome to the Able Clothing website

Able Clothing was created with the purpose of inspiring kids and carers to live their best life by providing dignity and comfort in their daily wear. We want to provide a service for families and carers who have struggled to find clothing and accessories suitable for their loved ones.

Our designs are customised always with special needs children in mind. Able adapted clothing range offers comfort, good quality, saves time and has special features to facilitate dressing and undressing. We are now collaborating with families and carers new exciting products that will make their job much easier and enjoyable.



  • Thank you for offering a variety of bibs in all sizes. I personally like the small ones for my little one, which has been very useful. But I would always have in mind your different sizes as he grows.

    Shanna Smith

  • I wore your beautiful quality pants the other day and they are just fantastic!

    Not only are the pants super easy to put on and take off, but they are highly fashionable and can coordinate with many of the items in my wardrobe. Your Ninja Wheelchair Shorts are the first pair of pants I can sit in all day without leaving indentations of any kind on my legs! The sewing is exquisite and the pants are so well made that the seams match up perfectly so there is no bunching of material underneath my legs when I sit down. I want to say a huge thank you for your time effort and attention to detail. Your ability to ensure that people are as comfortable as possible in your clothes is second to none. It is abundantly clear that you have a strong understanding of people's differing needs and requirements. I intend to be purchasing several pairs of these pants they are brilliant! I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone but particularly those who spend a lot of time sitting down or those of us who use wheelchairs. Thank you so much for making these pants.

    Mary Albury

  • I bought some bandanas for my daughter and they are fantastic. I bought a terry one for home and cotton one for our outings just for variety. They are very well made and do a very good job and additionally they look really nice with her clothing. I will keep buying them, as I need them.

    Sam Edwards


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